Credit Commander in Chief

"I have a great compassion for people facing credit problems. Personally, I experienced major credit problems twice in my life – once as a young man when I simply didn’t know any better and again in my 50s due to needing major medical surgery while temporarily uninsured."



The Credit Ninja

“Teaching others how to build healthy personal and business credit profiles is one of my favorite things to do. I love to write credit education articles and books as well as teaching seminars where I can share the secrets of building higher credit scores – both personally and for your business."    



The Credit Gladiator

“Helping our clients stand up to credit bullies is probably the best part of my job. I spend my days fighting for the rights of our clients. If a creditor or credit reporting agency tries to violate a client’s rights, I am right there to blow the whistle."


Client Services Specialist

“Helping our clients walk through the HOPE Program and seeing them graduate is extremely rewarding. I love seeing the smile on our clients’ faces as they begin to achieve their goals and start earning healthier credit reports."

Ron Lambright is a very ethical and honest businessman and HOPE 4 USA provides a great service to folks who need to correct some things on their credit report. Their cost is well worth their expertise.
— Andy Mielak,, Owner/Agent, AAA Insurance – The Mielak Group

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