I am often asked, "Can I trust the credit card offers I receive in the mail?" carton-crdeit-cardMost of the timthe answer is no. Many of the card offers you receive in the mail will say that you are pre qualified. However, most of the time this is very misleading. Actually, you are pre qualified to recieve the offer so you can apply to see if you qualify for the crdeit card.

Not only are these offers misleading, they also hurt your credit rating. Every time you let someone pull your credit you will lose 1 to 3 points off your credit scores.

There are legitimate companies out there who will help you regardless of  your past credit history. These companies will either give you an unsecured credit card or they will offer you a secured card. To obtain these secured cards you send these credit card companies a money order as security for the account. In return they will send you a secured card. This is one way you can establish revolving credit  if you do not have it now. 

HOPE has taken time to research several credit card options for you. You can visit our site at http://hope4usa.com/credit-cards/ and apply online. Establishing current revolving credit may cause your scores to rise significantly.

Hope has an experienced, reliable and trusted staff that can guide you through the maze of establishing a healthy credit report. If you would like to know more please call us at 704-503-3669. We are waiting on your call.