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Your Business Has Credit Scores Too!

Most people have a basic understanding that they have 3 major credit scores and that these credit scores determine whether or not they will be able to qualify for financing when they need it. However, did you know that your business has credit scores too? Many business owners do not realize this fact, unless they have tried to apply for a business loan in the past. Just like you, as an individual, have 3 major credit scores, your business has 3 major credit scores as well. Your business scores are calculated very differently than personal scores and are calculated by different reporting agencies as well: Dun and Bradstreet, Experian Business, and Equifax Business. Dun and Bradstreet is the largest major business credit reporting agency. Dun and Bradstreet is commonly known as D&B and is a publicly traded company headquartered in Short Hills, New Jersey. D&B provides information on businesses and corporations to be used by lenders in credit decisions. Currently, D&B holds over 200 million business records on file.

The roots of Dun and Bradstreet date all the way back to 1841 with the foundation of the Mercantile Agency in New York. The Mercantile Agency joined with R.G. Dun & Company in 1933. Upon merging companies the Mercantile Agency became known as Dun and Bradstreet. It was 1962, however, before D&B created the DUNS number - the worldwide method of identifying businesses.

There are many products and services which Dun and Bradstreet currently offer to both consumers and to businesses. Some of the most popular available are D&B's risk management products such as the Business Information Report, the Comprehensive Report, and the DNBi platform. All 3 of these products provide access to current and historical business information - information which is primarily used by lenders and financial institutions to assist in making credit decisions.

D&B also offers sales and marketing products such as the DUNS Market Identifier database, Optimizer, and D&B Profession Contacts. All of the aforementioned products provide sales and marketing professional with business data for both prospecting and CRM activity. Just as Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian are leaders in the consumer credit arenas (for individual credit reports), Dun and Bradstreet is the undisputed leader in the sale of business credit data.

If you would like to learn more about how you can establish a profile with Dun and Bradstreet, obtain a DUNS number, and get approved for $50,000+ in business credit this year with no personal guarantee, please give us a call at 704.499.9696. A HOPE Business Funding expert will be happy to speak with you and to answer any questions you may have!