home-5Good Reasons to Buy a Home Part 5

Every day this week we are sharing with you good reasons why you should buy a home. Here are our final tips for now.

1. Interest rates are at an incredible low point.  Typically speaking, bad news in the economy results in good news for home loan rates.  Interest rates continue to hover at historic lows.  Seizing the opportunity to lock in a long-term fixed rate right now will save you thousands over the life of the loan.  Maybe even tens of thousands.  Interest rates could go up again anytime, so waiting could be financially dangerous.  Furthermore, if you qualify for an FHA loan, you can lock in your rate, then refinance for free in the future if rates go even lower.  Talk about a win-win situation!

2. Home choices are plentiful and it is a strong buyer's market right now.  There are lots of homes on the market so there is plenty to choose from.  Don’t wait for the seller's market to return.

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