HOPE is proud to announce the debut of our new Blog here at www.hope4usa.com! Please bookmark our site and check back often for updates on credit scores, credit repair and credit counseling.  Our goal with this new website is to provide current news and updates for everything related to credit and credit scoring.

We will be writing frequent posts about new law changes, how to increase your credit score and tips for avoiding identity theft.  We are in an information age and your identity is worth protecting.  Credit does not have to be your enemy and if you know how the system works you can take advantage of lower mortgage rates, lower costs for credit cards and less expensive auto financing.

Our program is designed to help you become a homeowner, but having great credit will help you in many areas.  Some employers even check your credit before hiring you for a job!  Insurance companies check credit not and even to rent an apartment your credit is a factor.

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If you would like more information on HOPE USA and the exciting services we offer please call us today at 704-503-3669.  We would love to hear from you!