Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were a victim of identity fraud? We live in a day where our information becomes available to scam artists who are looking to harm you. With the wonderful invention of the internet comes the ability for someone to get our personal information and use it to damage our credit standing.

You must be very careful with whom you share your personal information. We had a young lady come to our program who had never pulled her credit report. She was ready to buy her first home and wanted to know how her credit looked. When we looked at her report there were seventeen accounts that did not belong to her. She was 25 years old and a woman who was 70 had stolen her social security information and opened many accounts fraudulently, using our client's social security number.

HOPE4USA was able to help show her how to get all of these fraudulent accounts removed from her credit reports, but not until our client filed fraud reports, police reports, signature affidavits on each of these accounts and made many, many phone calls. In the end HOPE4USA was able to help teach her how to establish healthy new credit and she was ultimately able to purchase the home of her dreams.

Of course any one has the right to try to tackle the process of repairing credit report damage caused by identity theft on their own. However, anyone who has ever tried to overcome the incredible obstacle of identity theft on their own knows that recovery process can be tedious, frustrating, and involves a lot of red tape. If you would like to hear more about how we can help you please call 704-499-9696 to see if hiring our team of credit experts might be the right fit for you.