How do I deal with my debt collectors? We truly hope that you are never in the situation where you are dealing with a debt collector. But as this financial crisis has gotten even more serious (millions of jobs lost!), more and more people are finding that they can’t keep up with their bills. 

This is an incredibly stressful situation, made much worse by aggressive, relentless and sometimes unethical debt collectors. If you are dealing with debt collectors, we want you to know your rights. Debt collectors have a job to do, but that doesn’t mean they legally can harass or intimidate you. 

There are detailed rules that debt collectors must abide by and there are ways for you to respond if they are not following those rules. They are not above the law. There are also ways for you to dispute claims if you think the charges are wrong.

Remember, you absolutely have the right to try to deal with credit problems and debt collectors all on your own. However, you also have the right to hire professional help as well. At HOPE4USA we help our clients everyday deal with collectors, incorrect credit reporting, and many other credit related issues. If you would like to know more please call us at 704-499-9696. We are waiting for your call.