Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft Part 10 by Michelle Black

Thanks very much for “tuning in” today for our 10th and final tip regarding identity theft prevention.  I hope that you have enjoyed this blog series as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  By following today’s tip and all 9 previous tips outlined in this series you can drastically reduce your chances of being victimized by ID thieves.

#10:  Take Your Name Off Promotional Lists.

When taking strides to reduce your risk of identity theft, it is definitely a good idea to opt out of pre-approved and promotional offers. Remember, in part 3 of this blog series where I wrote about “dumpster divers?” Dumpster divers are thieves who steal personal information right out of your trash can. It is very easy for a thief to steal a pre-approved credit card offer that was sent to you (especially if the document is thrown into the trash without being properly shredded) and apply for an account in your name with a new address. Nearly half (43%) of all identity fraud originates from stolen wallets and/or stolen paperwork. By removing yourself from these promotional mailing lists you can avoid this risk all together. Thankfully, it is pretty simple to have yourself removed from these lists. Just visit to get started.

At HOPE we know that being a victim of identity fraud is a nightmare. Once a fraudulent account appears on your credit report it can been almost impossible to see it removed without having to pay for the account out of your own pocket unless professional assistance is used.  In fact, 70% of ID theft victims have difficulty removing the fraudulent information that resulted from ID theft from their credit reports (ITRC Aftermath Study).  If you have been a victim of ID theft (or you suspect that you have been a victim of ID theft) then we invite you to give our team of credit experts a call.  You can schedule a no-obligation credit analysis appointment with HOPE to see how much damage has been done to your credit report and what it will take to help you turn the situation around. For more information or to schedule your appointment please call 704-499-9696.  We would love to help you kick identity theft issues or any other credit issues you may be facing to the curb!

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