Protecting Yourself from Identity TheftPart 3 by Michelle Black

Chances are that you either know someone who has been a victim of identity fraud or you have been a victim of identity fraud yourself.  Either way, I’m sure that the following statement will come as no surprise to you: Identity fraud sucks!  It is something that you want to protect yourself against and avoid at all costs.  Since identity fraud is about as much fun as a root canal I’ll jump right into another tip on how you can help to avoid this ever growing problem.

#3:  Shred, Burn, or Otherwise Destroy “Thief Prone” Documents!

What is a thief prone document?  A thief prone document is something that a “dumpster diver” – that’s a thief who actually steals sensitive documents right out of your trash – could take from you in order to commit identity theft.  Examples of thief prone documents include credit card statements, bank account statements, and any other paper which lists your social security number, date of birth, or other personal information.

Make it a habit to shred, burn, or otherwise destroy these personal documents instead of just tossing them into the trash can.  Remember, if a thief cannot make out your credit card number then he or she cannot steal it!  This little change will go a long way towards protecting your identity, your credit, and your good name from people who would love nothing more than to take advantage of you.

Check back with us next week for more great tips and tools to keep would-be identity thieves at bay.  Following the preventative steps outlined in this series will drastically reduce your chances of being victimized.

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