autoSave money on auto insurance.

The only thing better than having great car insurance is having great insurance that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. These programs will help you slash your auto insurance premiums without compromising on coverage.

  1. Some insurers are test-driving “pay-as-you-drive” plans for cars equipped with on-board systems that track driving time and mileage. The insurer provides a wireless device that securely transmits information to the carrier about your driving habits to help determine your rate.

  2. Before renewing your policy, ask your agent if you qualify for any discounts resulting from membership in a union, a religious affiliation, fraternal or professional organization, service in the armed forces, or through your employer. And check in your wallet for potential savings. The credit cards you’re carrying might net you discounted car insurance.
  3. Up-front payment, up-front savings? Some companies offer as much as a 10% discount if you pay for your entire policy upon renewal (instead of making payments).

  4. Bundle up? Most carriers offer a multi–policy discount if you purchase both auto and homeowners coverage, or insure more than one vehicle.

  5. Savings for safety? Ask about discounts for cars equipped with safety features, such as anti–lock brakes, anti–theft devices, and automatic seat belts. And if you have three or more years without an accident or moving violation, ask – or rather, brag – about it; many insurance companies offer discounts to drivers with spotless records.

  6. Ask about discounts for completing a defensive driving course, and find out about any savings offered for those with low-risk occupations. Statistics have shown individuals in professions like nursing, engineering and lawyers pay close attention to details and are less likely to get into accidents. Some carriers reward these folks with occupational discounts.

These are just a few ways you can save money on autmobile insurance.

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