The question that you are faced with when deciding to work towards a healthier credit report is, "should I try to fix my credit report on my own or should I get some professional help?"  First of all, please allow us to give you a big congratulations! The first step towards achieving clean credit is the decision to try.  You have already made the most important step!  Now, it's time to figure out the logistics. You should know that it is 100% legal for you to work on your credit report alone, with no professional assistance.  If you come across a "credit repair" company that does not inform you of this fact, be sure to run the other way as fast as you can!  "Credit repair" has a very bad name, for a good reason.  There is a ton of scam within the "credit repair" industry.

However, just because you can work on your credit report alone does not necessarily mean that you should.   Remember, it is your legal right to represent yourself in a court of law but most people would rather have an attorney in their corner, especially if faced with a serious charge.  Another example that comes to mind, in light of the recent series of storms in the southeast, is that you legally have the right to replace your own roof if it was damaged by the elements.  Unfortunately, if you are not professionally trained and do not have experience in the roofing business then you will probably just make a bigger mess of things if you try to work on the project alone.  The same is true of credit restoration.  Do-it-yourself credit repair is often a disaster.  In the 10+ years since HOPE has been in business we have seen many people actually make their credit scores worse rather than better by trying to clean up their credit alone, without an experienced professional to guide them.

HOPE has designed a unique, one of a kind, credit education program to help our members achieve healthier credit and to learn how to maintain that healthy credit for a lifetime!  Active HOPE members receive the following benefits for no additional fees:  personalized budgeting assistance, negotiations with creditors, individual credit report analysis, and much, much more! Over 80 HOPE members have graduated our program with credit scores healthy enough to buy a home in the last 4 months alone!

We would love to invite you to schedule a personal credit analysis appointment with us (in person or over the phone) today to see what it will take for you to achieve the healthy credit you desire to have.  Analysis appointments are completely pressure-free and there is NO obligation to join the HOPE Program after speaking with a HOPE Credit Specialist.  Please give us a call today at 704-499-9696 to reserve a time for your one on one credit analysis.  We would love to hear from you!

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