Nothing makes our team at HOPE4USA happier than when a client successfully graduates from our program. After all, we truly believe that bad credit really does happen to good people all the time. Everyone deserves a second chance!

Here is a short note we recently received from Darlene, a recent HOPE4USA graduate and a brand new home owner: 

My journey started about 5 years ago after going through a divorce. I was slowly drowning in bills and could not keep up with all my payments. My credit score starting going down also. I used to have excellent credit many years ago. However, 3 years ago, I was forced to come to the realization that I could no longer continue my spiral down, and was forced to settle with a short sale of my home. My loan officer introduced me to HOPE4USA. The staff at HOPE were very professional, friendly and made me feel at ease. We set up the process and [the HOPE4USA team] began contacting the creditors on my report. I started seeing my score improve and within a year we were gradually getting to the score I needed. I had to have a break in my contract and they were willing to work with me on my payments and restart of the program. Now I have completed the purchase of my home and I owe it all to the HOPE staff and [my loan officer].
— Darlene L.

*Important: While the testimonials and other information on this website may be exciting, HOPE USA, Inc. promises only to perform the steps we have agreed to in each client’s case and to charge each month only for steps already completed. As with any credit restoration work, no outcome is promised. Your results will vary.