happyLife events can effect our credit drastically. I run into people everyday who had great credit at one time but now they find themselves in a situation where they cannot qualify for a home loan. It does not take very long and a great credit score can go down quite quickly. Sometimes it is a job lay off (there are almost 7 million Americans drawing unemployment checks right now), an accident or an illness. These things many times come upon us without warning.

Many times people find themselves unprepared for these emegencies. The bills keep coming due every month and the income has been drastically reduced. Before long they start to fall behind and new lates begin to show up on their credit reports. I have seen one new late drop a crdeit score 100 ponts while the average is probably more like 30 to 40 points. The rest of the bad news is that it will effect their credit scores for at least two years.

Whether unexpected life events have lowered your scores or just bad past credit decision there is a way back to healthy scores again. There are certain prinicipals, if followed, that will cause your scores to climb fairly rapidly. You can rebuild your credit file so that it will be healthy, assuring you of a much better interest rate.

At HOPE we educate and help our clients make wise credit decisions every day. If you would like to know how you can improve your current credit situation please give us a call at 704-503-3669. Our staff is waiting for your call.