I am often asked,  "What is a healthy credit card balance?" It is an important question for consumers to ask since your credit card balances can impact your credit scores quite significantly. In answer to the question above, the best balance is $0.

When you allow your credit card balances to rise over 50% doing so can significantly damage your credit scores, even if you are making your monthly payments on time. Paying off your cards to $0 (and never charging more than you can afford to pay off each month) is the ultimate goal. However, that does not mean your balances have to be at $0 before you might begin to see some score benefit.

When you pay your balances to below 50% you will generally see a credit score increase to some degree. Once the balances fall below 30% you will possibly see another credit score increase. When you pay the down to 0% - 1% of your credit card limits you should receive your maximum potential credit score increase.

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