phishing_cartoonToday, we will continue discussing the theme of yesterday's post, "What can I do if I am a victim of identity fraud?" Millions of people every year are victims of identity theft and fraud. You have to protect yourself because we are all vulnerable to the tactics of thiefs and scam artists.

Here are a few more things you can do to protect yourself:


Handling problems with existing credit or debit accounts.       1. Request replacement cards with new account numbers.       2. Provide a fraud affidavit or a dispute form.       3. Carefully monitor your bills for evidence of new fraudulent activity.       4. Report fraudulent activity immediately.

Handling debt collectors trying to collect fraudulent accounts.       1. Ask for the company information and the person contacting you.       2. Tell the collector that you are a victim of fraud and not responsible.       3. Ask for the name and contact information for the referring credit issuer.       4. Ask the amount of the debt, account number, and dates of the charges.

Handling check and banking fraud.       1. Ask your bank to report any fraud to ChexSystems.       2. Place a security alert on your file.       3. Ask your bank to provide you with a fraud affidavit.       4. Put "stop payments" on any outstanding checks that you are unsure about.

You may need some assistance to correct the effects of identity fraud. HOPE educates and assists our clients in remedying the effects of identity fraud. If you would like to know more please call us at 704-503-3669. We are waiting for your call.