Ways to Save Money Part 10

There are many, many ways to make your dollars stretch further.  At HOPE, we felt that it would be beneficial to write some of our recommendations down and share them with you.  Please feel free to comment on our blogs and let us know if you have found them to be helpful. 

Tip #10:  Check to See If a Trade Is Possible!

You need a baby sitter, so you hire one.  You need a mechanic, so you take your car down to the local garage.  You need a haircut, so you drive to the salon.  These are not bad things to do; however, you might be able to trade for the service you need instead of paying for it.  Here are a few ideas:

1.  Swap Baby Sitting Services.

If you have young children and need a baby sitter from time to time you might try to find a friend, family member, or neighbor with the same need.  You can take turns baby sitting for one another and avoid having to pay your co-worker’s teenage daughter a fee for watching your kids when you need a night out.

2.  Make Other Trades.

Maybe you are a talented mechanic, an experienced carpet layer, a skilled dance instructor, or a gifted tutor.  Chances are, you have a skill which you can use to trade for other services which you need.  The next time your car breaks down you could offer to trade with the mechanic for all or part of his fees in order to bring down the cost of your bill.  For example, I know of a man who tiled the kitchen of his child’s orthodontist.  As a result, his son received his braces for free.  Another person received weekly house keeping in exchange for pet sitting for a friend who frequently traveled out of town. 

Don’t be afraid to be creative.  You could receive essential services without having to spend any money.  Plus, if you offer to swap with someone and they are not interested you can always still pay for the service you need.  It never hurts to ask.

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