yard-saleWays to Save Money Part 5

So far this week we have been sticking to the theme of “saving money.”  Today’s blog is a little different since it will show you how to actually put some money back into your pocket.  We hope you enjoy today’s tip.  If you do, please forward a link to someone else.

Tip #5:  Have a Yard Sale!

More than likely, you have some excess clutter lying around your house.  These items could be sold and turned into extra cash!  The easiest, quickest way to sell your extra stuff is by holding a yard sale.  Here are a few extra tips that can help to make your yard sale more successful:


1.  Hold your sale on the first weekend of the month. 

2.  Put up large, neatly printed signs around your community the day before your yard sale is scheduled.  Signs should include the address where the sale will be held.

3.  Don’t overprice your items.  People come to yard sales to find good deals.  If you overprice the items in your sale, people may leave without making a purchase.

4.  Display your items neatly.  Whether you spread your items out on tables, blankets, or hanging racks, the more neatly your items are displayed, the better.  If people have to rummage through boxes to see what you are selling they are likely to buy less.

If you live in an apartment or if your homeowners association will not allow you to hold a yard sale don’t fret.  You can still sell your extra items through another venue such as ebay.com, amazon.com, or even buy renting a table at your local flea market.  Plus, you might have a friend or family member who would allow you to hold a yard sale at their home for a small fee. 

We hope you are enjoying this series, Ways to Save Money, from the HOPE Program.  If you need help with credit problems please give us a call at 704-503-3669.  We would love to schedule a personal credit consultation for you to speak with a HOPE credit specialist.