good-habits-bad-habits1Ways to Save Money Part 6

So, you think we are running out of tips on how you can save more money?  We’re not even close!  Due to the popularity of this blog series will be continuing our theme of saving money next week as well.  Keep visiting our website daily to learn more!

Tip #6:  Quitting Your Bad Habits!

So let’s be real for a minute.  Most of us have bad habits.  What’s worse is that most of our bad habits cost us money!  Chances are that you want to quit your bad habit for health reasons anyway.  Here are a few more reasons to finally take control and quit that thing that has had such a strong hold on you.  Use this extra motivation to your advantage!

1.  Quit Smoking. 

Most cigarettes cost around $5.00 per pack.  So, if you have a pack a day habit did you know that you spend around $1,820 per year on cigarettes?  You probably didn’t know that smoking was costing you so much money.  Quitting this bad habit could put a lot of extra cash back into your budget.

2.  Stop Drinking Energy Drinks.

Here is another habit that can cost you a lot of money.  Most energy drinks run about $2.00 per 16 oz. can at your local convenience store.  If you drink 2 energy drinks per day then you spend around $1,456 per year on this habit. Quitting this habit entirely is the best way to go.  However, if you aren’t ready to quit, try to cut back.  Plus, if you buy your energy drinks by the case at your local warehouse (i.e. Sams Club, BJ’s, etc.) then you will save an average of $0.77 per can.  Buying this item in bulk could save you over $560 per year!

3.  Prepare Your Own Meals.

Eating out and ordering fast food is something that we all do.  However, if you can cut back on your food expenses by eating at home you can save big bucks.  Plus, eating at home is generally healthier since you can control how the food is prepared and cut back on calories if you like.  Preparing your own food more often can literally save you thousand of dollars per year! 

Examine your daily spending.  If you find that you are spending a lot of money on one of the habits listed above, or even on another habit not listed, consider quitting or at least cutting back.  You could add thousands of dollars back into your annual budget by making a few sacrifices. 

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